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כָּל יִשְׂרָאֵל עֲרֵבִים זֶה בָּזֶה

All of Israel are responsible for one another

Joining the Centre keeps Wellington’s Jewish community strong and as a member you’ll receive some great members’ benefits as well.


We welcome new members – whether new arrivals in Wellington, locals reconnecting with their Jewish identity or those outside of Wellington and New Zealand. We have membership packages for all stages of life. Your support enriches the future for the Jewish community.


Life-long friendships and networking within the Jewish community

Generous subsidies on Jewish lifecycle events such as Bris, weddings, mikveh use, funerals

Generous subsidy on WJCC facility rental - room and hall packages, private kitchen bookings and more

Notification and reminders regarding upcoming yahrtzeits and anniversaries

Free Rabbinical guidance, advice and counselling services

The support of a whole community in life's ups and downs

Generous subsidy on meat and poultry in NZ Kosher retailers

Knowing you contribute to the future of the Wellington's Jewish community


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