Visitors are welcome, whether from Wellington or further afield, staying for a few days or a few years. (We once had a Rabbi who came for three months and stayed for four years. True story!) If you are intending to visit Wellington, the following information will help make your visit a pleasant one.

Let us know you're coming

Visitors are welcome at our services, but please contact the office to let them know you're coming. We'll need your name, address, email, phone number, and a photo or scan of photo ID (which you'll need to bring when visiting). 

If you're visiting from overseas, we'll need to know where you're staying in Wellington and a phone number you can be contacted at while you're here.

Upcoming services and holidays

The table to the right sets out upcoming services and holidays (both Jewish and New Zealand public holidays). Check our calendar page for a larger monthly calendar.


There are a number of places to stay close to the Centre (marked on the map by the green menorah marker).

Note that we don't endorse any of the businesses listed here and don't receive any support from them.

If you are looking for longer term rental accommodation, try searching Google Maps for rental properties near the centre.

Kosher food

Some kosher basics - such as snack foods - are widely available in supermarkets and corner stores throughout New Zealand. However, specialist foods such as kosher meat and cheese are only available in Wellington from the community-run Kosher Deli. See our kosher services section for more information about the Deli and the Kosher Kiwi Directory for lists of approved food.


The Wellington Jewish community is a vibrant and close-knit community that welcomes and actively supports new migrants who are committed to participating in community life. If you're thinking of immigrating to Wellington, check out our immigration section.

Sites of Jewish interest

Check out our Foursquare page's Jewish Wellington list of sites of interest, both past and present.

Support the Centre

If you enjoyed your visit and want to say "thanks" you can give a donation through our Givealittle page. Donations are tax deductible for New Zealand taxpayers.

Other questions

Are you intending to visit and have other questions that we haven't answered here? Let us know.