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The Wellington Jewish Community Centre is the focus of Jewish life in New Zealand's habour city capital. 

We are a small but diverse and vibrant community and over our 170 year history we have contributed many community leaders, statesmen, business leaders, philanthropists, artists, and academics to our city and our country. 

Read on about our history and what the community has to offer members today. 

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Over the last 170 years, this small but vibrant Jewish community has had its own distinctive impact both within New Zealand and the wider Jewish world. Read more >

Community organisations

Jewish community life is supported by a variety of social, educational, family-oriented, and inter-faith organisations. Read more >

Religious services

The Community Centre is home to an active orthodox community holding regular services in Wellington's only orthodox synagogue led by our Rabbi or members of the community. Read more > 

Jewish education

The Community Centre houses many life-long learning programmes from early childhood through to adult education, including Wellington's only Jewish kindergarten. Read more >